Two years ago, France experienced its first Silent Revolution of the property tax. The effects are not yet fully known, as the said reform is smoothed over 10 years. At present, we are witnessing a novelty in terms of property tax for establishments with storage in France. If you have invested in storage facilities, you will be included in the tax system for industrial establishments under certain conditions (Finance Act 2019). An ideal opportunity to review this specific tax, which can be very heavy. So with a lot of potential savings too. Property tax must in any case be integrated into the strategy of European companies, it can sometimes be smart to build a new building, to choose one building over another, or simply to break a three-year lease before the property tax rises too high! But be careful, very important declarations must be made, especially during periods of change in your buildings (model U, 6660-REV, CBD, 1447-C, 1447-M,... references well known to those who are used to this tax!)

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